Life Skills for Adulthood

When young men make responsible decisions, such as getting their education, choosing a career path, and delaying fatherhood, they improve their chances of reaching their goals and succeeding in life. The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families’ Young Men Initiative addresses the need for programs for young men that prepares them for adulthood and responsible fatherhood.

A dose of reality for young men

Many young men have hopes and dreams for the future with little understanding of obstacles they may encounter or create that can hinder them from reaching their goals.

The South Carolina Center for Fathers and FamiliesReality Check is an interactive life skills curriculum that targets young men as early as 14 years old, to prepare them for a successful transition into adulthood.

Reality Check Covers Topics Such As:

The benefits of responsible decision making

The importance of education, training, and career planning

Steps to establishing and maintaining healthy relationships

Understanding budgeting, the cost of living and the cost of raising a child

The effects of father absence

The legalities of fatherhood

Ready 4 Life

Along with receiving the Reality Check curriculum, young men engage in meaningful group discussions and reality experiences that help illustrate how responsible choices can lead to positive outcomes through our READY4Life program. READY4Life can be used as part of an elective course, an afterschool program, a summer enrichment series, or a supplemental program for athletes, student organizations, and clubs.

Incentives are offered to encourage participation and completion of the program.

READY4Life is implemented at three local fatherhood organizations through grant funding provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. The following local fatherhood organizations partner with high schools and other organizations within their communities to serve young men.

Man 2 Man Fatherhood Initiative serving Florence, Darlington, and Marlboro counties.

A Father’s Place serving Horry and Georgetown counties.

Upstate Fatherhood Coalition serving Anderson, Greenville, and Spartanburg counties.

Reality Check is changing lives of young men across our state. Check out what these young men have to say.

If you are interested in learning more about the Reality Check curriculum or partnering with us to impact young men in your community through our programs, contact us.